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Sexual harassment a serious, systemic, societal issue. The power dynamics in the male-dominated venture industry are particularly problematic. This issue is not new, but is (finally) receiving significant attention thanks to several brave women who put their reputations and careers on the line to publicly shed light on this reality.

Many in the industry are launching initiatives to create positive change. But these efforts are fractured and there is power in numbers. Our goal is to aggregate data and curate a directory of resources and initiatives to help generate awareness, engagement, and collaboration for those who want to create a safe, inclusive environment for entrepreneurs and investors.


Several venture capitalists have laid out advice on what you can do today to be a part of the solution:

Read So You Want to Take Diversity Seriously, Kapor Capital

Kara Egan @ Emergence Capital highlights 5 things you can do todayTechCrunch

Be aware of unconscious bias, it is so real!

Now that you know about bias, hire a trainer to come in for a workshop with your firm

Here’s a sexual harassment template you could adopt today

Here are a few poignant articles we have read recently:

From a women in VC to men everywhere, Steph Manning

Human Rights of Female Entrepreneurs, Reid Hoffman

How to be an Ally, Cynthia Schames

Several thought leaders have suggested a few points below. You can also

Sexual Harassment in Tech is a Big Problem, Kristina Bergman

5 Things Companies Can Do Better, Susan Fowler

Adopt a reporting google form like Zeroth has, that submits directly to an outside party (like your Investors)

Hire women! Here are a few resources to Service Providers



Venture Inclusion is led by a diverse group of venture capitalists and innovators. Our main goal is to accelerate change in the venture industry to ensure that sexual harassment is totally unacceptable and, therefore, not present. We are working to support leaders who are taking action to improve gender dynamics in venture and create a safe, inclusive environment for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive. We are a node in a vast network of changemakers and we hope to use the power of information to create awareness and promote collaboration

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