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Ways to Report

Time’s Up – Sexual Harassment Legal Defense Fund

On January 1st, a group of 300 prominent actresses and female agents, writers, directors, producers, and entertainment executives formed Time’s Up Now to fight systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood and in blue-collar workplaces nationwide. As part of this, they are raising over $16 million for the Time’s Up Legal Defense FundFoundry Group  reached out to Time’s Up to volunteer to lead a sub-segment for entrepreneurs and VCs who are sexually harassed. We are beginning to reach out to all of our VC peers and encourage them to join us in this initiative.

SheWorx Reporting Portal

SheWorx is collecting the stories of founders around the world in an effort to create real change and drive the movement towards gender equity in entrepreneurship. ***Names of women will be kept confidential. This is a space for individuals to safely report bias/harassment.***

Project Callisto

Callisto creates technology to combat sexual assault, empower survivors, and advance justice

Resolving Conflicts

Project Include is a platform dedicated to providing resources, tools and support to the tech community. Here they outline a recommended roadmap to reporting.